When Do I Get My Braces Off?

The Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics team is excited to have you on board! Nothing makes us happier than seeing you smile, and we know your new braces will do just that. We also know you’re looking forward to the day you get them off! One of the most common questions is, “When do I get my braces off?

Orthodontic treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Depending on your age, your orthodontic condition, your ability to take care of your braces, and the type of treatment we choose, your treatment time may change. Fortunately, Dr. Pedersen is here to give you the tips and tricks to speed up the process and explain the factors that play into your treatment length. Let’s get started. 

Speed Up Your Treatment With These Tips!

Treatment times depend on a variety of factors, but we can offer you a few quick tips that may help you speed up the process! 

Listen to the Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics Team

Part of following Dr. Pedersen’s instructions means you care for your appliances. By avoiding sticky or crunchy foods that can weaken the bond strength of your brackets, you can decrease your treatment time overall. 

Sometimes brackets come loose even when we do our best to keep them safe, but you must schedule another appointment with Dr. Pedersen as soon as possible to fix the issue. Your braces won’t work while the brackets aren’t glued down, so a broken bracket or wire could increase treatment time.  

Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene: Maintaining your oral hygiene throughout treatment can speed up your treatment time while failing to do so can make the treatment take longer. Plaque buildup can harm your appliance, so make sure you see the dentist regularly for cleanings. You’ll want to brush and floss your teeth twice a day to keep your teeth bright and shining. 

Keep Up With Your Appointments at Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics

It’s essential to your treatment plan to attend every orthodontic appointment you can. Dr. Pedersen needs to meet with you once every 6-8 weeks to assess your progress and your body’s reaction to braces. 

Sometimes things come up, and that’s okay! Just let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment and keep your treatment plan on track. 

When Do I Get My Braces Off?

Factors Affecting Treatment Time

No one person has the same treatment plan as anyone else, and that means your treatment times will vary, too. Here are a few of the most common factors that affect how long you’ll be in braces.

The Severity of Your Case

Whether you’re treating your smile for an aesthetic touch-up or a severe malocclusion, your treatment goals and orthodontic conditions play a role in how long you’ll wear braces. If you’re a patient with minor orthodontic issues, you may only wear braces for a short amount of time. If you have more complex problems, however, you might be in braces longer than average. 

Ask Dr. Pedersen about your orthodontic condition. This may give you a better idea of how long treatment might take.  

Your Ability To Care for Your Braces

Taking care of your braces is a huge responsibility and can affect your treatment time in the long run. If you stay compliant with Dr. Pedersen’s instructions, you may shorten your time spent in braces! If you don’t follow all instructions, you could extend it by accident. 

Your Treatment Method

At Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics, braces aren’t your only option! With metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign clear aligners, you have choices when it comes to treating your smile – and they may affect how long you’ll be in treatment. Depending on your orthodontic condition at your free consultation, Dr. Pedersen may recommend one of these options: 

Metal Braces: Metal braces use a system of brackets and wires to align your smile over time. By meeting with Dr. Pedersen every six to eight weeks, you’ll get the smile you love. Some patients spend as little as six months in braces, while others can spend up to two years. 

Clear Braces: Ceramic braces work the same way metal braces do. Designed for aesthetics, our clear braces are smaller than ever and are made of nearly invisible, tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic material that blends in with your smile. Depending on your orthodontic condition, you can expect to wear clear braces between six months and two years.

Invisalign: Invisalign is a system of custom-made, clear acrylic aligners designed to straighten your teeth and align your bite. Each aligner is personalized to fit your unique smile. You’ll get a new set of custom-made aligners every couple of weeks, so you can expect treatment to take between nine and 15 months. 

Age During Treatment

Our Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics team believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, no matter how old they are. We offer treatment plans for kids, teens, and adults alike! However, depending on your age, the time you spend in braces could change. 

Kids: According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children should visit an orthodontist as early as age seven for their first checkup. Early intervention allows Dr. Pedersen to determine whether your child needs two-phase treatment, which requires two rounds of braces over a longer period of time – but don’t worry! The results are worth it. 

Teens: The most common age for braces falls in the teenage years. That’s because your teen has all of their adult teeth, and their jaw is still flexible enough for orthodontic treatment to take effect. Teens usually require the least amount of time in braces. 

Adults: If you’re over the age of 18, your treatment might take longer than average. That’s because your jaw is more permanent than your child or teen’s jaw, so treatment requires extra effort to correct misalignment. 

When Do I Get My Braces Off?

Beautiful Smiles at Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics

You’ll feel confident in your treatment plan when you visit our team at our office in York. With years of experience and training, Dr. Pedersen is an expert at customizing your treatment to fit your needs so you’ll have the smile you’re looking for in no time. 

Whether your child is losing their first baby teeth, your teenager needs to fix their bite, or you’re an adult looking for a new smile, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your free consultation today!