The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Things have been moving online for a while. Car buying, house hunting, clothing shopping, movie premieres, and even dating have all moved to virtual platforms. Even orthodontic care has found a place online with direct-to-consumer providers! Despite this growth in online oral healthcare, we firmly believe that the best way to receive orthodontic care is face-to-face with an orthodontist near you! Keep reading to learn the benefits of seeing an orthodontist in your local community. 

You Want An Experienced Orthodontist!

These direct-to-consumer companies do more than send orthodontic appliances to patients. They also guide your care entirely online! While we don’t want to discourage you from choosing the choice that you think is best for you, we want to share the benefits of an in-person orthodontic practice that online services lack. 

Your teeth and jaw alignment affect much more than you might realize. Your ability to effectively chew and communicate is crucial to self-esteem and digestive health. Overcrowded or spaced-out teeth can be difficult to clean thoroughly, which can lead to poor oral health and a negative self-image. And that’s not all, either! You don’t want to trust just anyone to help you with your orthodontic needs!

As an orthodontist, Dr. Pedersen has received more specialized training in teeth and jaw alignment than a dentist and can offer higher-quality results and a more comfortable treatment journey. Dr. Pedersen’s expertise and in-office technology also mean he is working with more insight into your health and bone structure than those virtual companies. Your care will be planned, administered, and monitored by orthodontic professionals who can actually see you. None of the at-home imagery or messy mold kits! This broadened and personal look at your needs and goals allows Dr. Pedersen to safely, effectively, and efficiently plan and provide your treatment.

Dr. Pedersen’s dedication to his field has him always looking for new learning opportunities and participating in many professional groups, organizations, and classes. He always wants to expand his knowledge and update his techniques so you can reap the benefits with stress-free treatment and stunning results.

You Want More Treatment Options!

Digital orthodontic companies usually offer only one treatment option—clear aligners. At Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics, we love clear aligners as a treatment method, and we even provide the leading aligner company, Invisalign, for all our patients.

However, Invisalign isn’t the best treatment for everybody. With the limited information that other orthodontic providers work with, they might not even realize that clear aligners aren’t the right choice for some needs.

Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics is proud to offer metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign so that no matter a person’s unique situation, we can help them achieve the smile of their dreams! 

You Want The Latest Technologies!

You deserve orthodontic care that is as pleasant and smooth sailing as possible. Your comfort during treatment is as important as your final look is to us at Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics. That’s why we have invested in the latest technology and proudly share it with our patients every day! Let’s look at just three modern tools we offer.

Ceramic Braces

Traditional braces are made with a combination of various metals, but a ceramic option has grown in popularity because it offers patients a more subtle appearance than metal brackets do.

Our ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are made of polycrystalline ceramic material for a tooth-colored appearance. So while they are not actually clear as their nickname suggests, they do create the illusion! Patients can customize the braces with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and ligatures (the bands that hold the wire to the bracket).

iTero Element Scanner

At Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics, traditional messy mold impressions is a thing of the past! Considered uncomfortable by some patients and accused of having vague or inaccurate results by orthodontists, mold impressions are becoming increasingly obsolete thanks to the iTero Element Scanner.

This device uses a small wand to scan the inside of your mouth. It then creates a detailed, interactive 3D model that Dr. Pedersen uses to efficiently and accurately plan your treatment program. He can even show you the predicted final look on the screen! It’s a great way to comfortably begin your orthodontic journey and get you excited about what’s to come!

Texting and Braces

Our texting program allows you to message us when you cannot call! You will receive a response as soon as we are able. We wanted to be more accessible to you and your family, whether you had a quick question or needed to schedule an appointment. We know that not everyone’s schedule allows them to make a quick phone call, and because orthodontic care has a lot of unique or new situations for both new and veteran patients, we knew we needed another way to keep in touch.

The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local CommunityAndrew Pedersen Orthodontics Has The Care You Need In The Community You Love.

We know that every person who comes into our office is more than just a patient or case folder; they’re a person and a member of the York community. Every day, we aim to provide York with excellent customer service and care for tremendous results.

We know there are many places and ways you can receive your orthodontic care, and we are honored to be so loved by our community that we can continue to do what we love year after year. To learn more about Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics, what we do for the community, or to begin your or your family’s orthodontic journey, please contact us today!