3 Things You Won’t Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

Mail-order aligners promote lower prices and improved convenience with no trips to the orthodontist for checkups and adjustments. While this might sound appealing, you might be surprised to know that most orthodontists and dentists won’t recommend this treatment option. Let’s look at 3 things you won’t get from mail-order orthodontics and how Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics can efficiently and effectively give you a smile you deserve!

Here’s What You Should Know About Mail-Order Aligners

An increasing number of companies offer mail-order aligners that work exactly as the name suggests: shipping a set of clear trays to your door without visiting an orthodontist.  The biggest problem with mail-order aligners is that they make promises that sound too good to be true and can’t deliver as a professional orthodontist can. 

You Won’t Get a Professional Orthodontist

Mail-order orthodontics programs claim that you won’t need to visit a trained professional for your care. Instead, they’ll tell you to use an app that monitors your progress and tells you when to change your trays. From your first impressions to choosing when to wear your trays, you’re your own orthodontist with this treatment option — and unless you went to school for about ten years like we did, that should scare you!

You Won’t Get A Personalized Treatment Plan

The typical, high-quality orthodontic treatment process requires you to meet for an initial assessment with a professional orthodontist to determine the right treatment plan for you.  Depending on the severity of your case and your personal smile goals, Dr. Pedersen will design a custom treatment plan that meets your specific needs and requirements. 

Mail-order aligners treat orthodontics like a one-size-fits-all process, however. This approach can be highly problematic for the success of your treatment plan because it won’t take your body’s response to braces into account, and it won’t be able to adapt along with your smile. 

It’s also important to remember that not everyone is a good candidate for clear aligner trays. Some people, especially those with more severe conditions, need traditional metal braces for treatment to work. Without a professional orthodontist designing and overseeing a treatment plan just for you, you may end up with the wrong form of treatment. 

You Won’t Get the Same Quality for Your Money

Mail-order orthodontic companies usually claim that their services are cheaper, but that discount comes at a price. When you choose mail-order orthodontics, you miss out on the quality orthodontic treatment you and your smile deserve, including meeting with a professional in person. 

On the other hand, when you visit Dr. Pedersen, he’ll make sure your investment in your smile is worth it. And with our flexible payment plans, we make treatment affordable, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality. 

You Won’t Get Total Orthodontic Care

When you visit Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics, we don’t just look at the visible part of your smile. Dr. Pedersen is trained to dig deeper, using X-rays and other tools to get a complete picture of your jaw below the gums. Doing so ensures that we make a comprehensive care plan that takes all of your facial structures and bones into account. 

You won’t get an initial in-person assessment from a trained orthodontic with mail-order aligners, so your treatment plan won’t account for your entire bone structure. Many orthodontic problems start below the gum line, so without the X-ray assessment, treatments like jaw widening, bite 

3 Things You Won't Get From Mail-Order OrthodonticsGet the Care You Deserve at Andrew Pedersen Orthodontics

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